What We Do

Newratek continuously pushes for innovation in the Wi-Fi space. We employ and develop some of the industry’s top engineers specializing in software, hardware, or radiofrequency. We offer opportunities not just to facilitate the compelling growth of a new technology integral to IoT evolution, but also enable dynamic career paths and individual growth within each of our employees.

Why Work
WIth us

We approach our employees' wellbeing vigorously with care and empathy. We value our employees’ individual talents, ambitions, and dedication to bring uniqueness to innovation. We strive to give every employee a place of work that is fulfilling, nurturing, comfortable, and confident in.

  • People First, we put our team members and clients first
  • Collaborative Mindset, we share ideas to foster a collaborative environment
  • Growing Innovation, we value innovation to be industry leaders
  • We Welcome All Talents


We guarantee various employee benefits and provide them with support for their physical, economic, and emotional wellness.

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Physical Wellness
  • Social insurances
    (National pension, health insurance, employment insurance, and occupational health insurance)
  • Quality health checkup service at a first-class general hospital (once a year)
  • Group insurance
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Economic Wellness
  • The highest compensation in the industry
  • Performance-based incentives
  • Stock option as a pre-listed company

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Emotional Wellness
  • Family event holiday and subsidy
  • Present & Leave work early in Birthday
  • Supporting 'Teamwork Day' (Team-building Day)
  • Welcome-kit for New Employee 
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Other Benefits
  • Beverages and snacks provided at all times during working hours
  • Relaxed and comfortable workstation
  • Holiday in Founder's Day
  • Selectable Working Hours (09:00~18:00 or 08:00~17:00)

Upcoming Jobs

We welcome and value all talents to continuously propel innovation.
Explore the varies positions and see what matches your interests.

MAC Hardware

Research, design, and develop new system components to advance Wi-Fi HaLow Technology

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MAC Software

Drive cutting-edge technology by developing software to foster innovation, testing, and manufacturing of products.

PHY System

Design and simulate state-of-the-art physical layer wireless communication system algorithms for very high data rate applications.


Design low-power and low-voltage RF and Analog circuits using advanced deep-submicron CMOS technologies.

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Engineer (IoT)

Take part in all aspects of software development process including designing, implementing, testing, and debugging

SoC Design

Design SoC architecture tightly communicated with RF and Modem design